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Laxman K. Badiga

Insight of My Company and its IT Strategies
Anthelio is the largest independent provider of comprehensive information technology (IT), back office, and business process services to hospitals, physician groups, and other healthcare providers in the United States. Uniquely positioned at the intersection of process and technology, we help hospitals provide improved clinical results and safety, along with efficient and cost-effective healthcare services. Founded in 1999, Anthelio has over 1800 employees most of whom have extensive healthcare provider clinical and/or operational experience (including hundreds of credentialed healthcare professionals) as well as information technology and business process expertise. We serve hundreds of US hospitals with our clinical consulting, IT and business process suite of services.
Views on New Technologies
Faced with a plethora of challenges, healthcare organizations are constantly asking IT to do more, despite tight IT and operational budgets. The future demands of operating in a networked environment under healthcare reform are at the top of mind for IT managers. To meet these challenges, provider IT organizations will need to take advantage of cloud service offerings to maintain and support existing, installed applications and leverage existing resources by moving data, applications, and services to the cloud. This helps ensure that applications will have high availability and performance and that workforce management efforts remain on track and in compliance with regulations. By using hosting and cloud services, organizations can reduce compliance risk, troubleshoot applications and proactively identify problems. Cloud services can help healthcare organizations right on track with their road map for workforce management through predictable and controlled change and version management. The concepts of virtualization and consolidation in IT environments can help firms improve performance and gain efficiency by improving the coordination of resources. Besides reducing overhead and administration costs, virtualization can also help free up IT staff to focus on strategic initiatives by improving management tools and controls.
Team Size
300+ employees.
Expenses on IT Systems
Yes, Anthelio will be expanding its offering within the healthcare IT market to help its clients meet current challenges. Lot of focus will go on the IT to meet the business needs. • ROI on the Technology: • Anthelio Technology investments act as an enabler helping hospitals and other healthcare providers change their approach on what they traditionally did, thus reducing cost of their infrastructure investments and finding value from the enterprise solution offerings. • Anthelio focuses on innovations to harness opportunity and growth of business. • Increasing operations excellence by using best practices to meet customer delight.
Latest Technology
Anthelio is looking towards making huge investments on Unified communication platform globally in order to have effective communication between the Anthelio as a service provider and the hospitals and its partners.
Resources to Keep Updated with Latest Technologies
I stay in tune with latest technologies through the following: • Subscriptions to an assortment of relevant publications, Technical and Management news sites, forums, blogs • Information sources for technology news such as TV shows, magazines and the Internet • RSS feeds • Conferences, seminars, chapter meetings or events conducted by technology vendors • Peers discussions provide insight into new technologies, methodologies, and lessons learned.
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