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Kiran Rayachoti

Kiran Rayachoti

Director Quality Assurance
Sapient Corporation Ltd
Contribution to the field
Our Company is full of opportunities to work with various fortune clients in the Industry. I like the fast pace and Client focused delivery work culture in our company and at the same time, all the hard working, dedicated individuals are rightly awarded where very few companies will do this balance.
Intellectual Recommendations
There are many books in the market & it depends on which path one individual want to go. Coming to QA, I read some good books like Agile Testing (Lisa Crispin and Janet Gregory), How Google Test Software (James W) & How we test at Microsoft (Alan Page) and books of John C Maxwell & Patrick Lencioni
Additional Certifications
It is good to have few certifications as Industry is more looking for the experts / SMEs rather than just exp now a days. For QA - ISTQB, CSTE, HP QC - QTP, CAT & for above Mgrs - PMI-PMP, 6Sigma will help.
Excellence of Testing Professionals
I would refuse to work with laid back and very relaxed person, as it kills my passion as well. I was lucky enough as I haven't got any this kind of colleagues or clients to work with till now.
My Road map Ahead
I want to do a start up of my own for one stop QA shop but not like the current QA services 881984 it will be with combination of Crowd sourcing /Cloud technologies. QA has lot of potential as QA doesn't mean only testing and it is big umbrella where it will bring in lot of revenue impact to Business.
Starting Differently Again
I think I won't be doing anything differently, as I feel I did the right way. I started my career in Development and moved to Manual Testing and after that moved into core Automation with various tools. Now moved into Management engaging Clients and Managing large QA Programs.
Future of QA
Challenges in the project motivates me to keep myself active on the project. Clients and Delivery management motivates me more in giving them the right solution for their problems. Showing ROI and reducing time for the testing with various techniques without losing QUALITY motivates me a lot !
Contribution to the field
Quitters never win. Winners never quit.
Challenges with QA domain
Yes, it's common practice in IT industry particularly in Agile world. As there is no end to perfection, Agile makes everyone sleepless nights and sometimes nightmares with the pace of work that will be going on. We will get to know our potential by working on multi tasking & team management.
The Big Question
In IT Industry always we should be a student like learning 881984 writing exams each year.So every year we have to make assessment whether we are successful or not. I'm successful till now as made some leanings,some large deliveries 881984 new QA framework approaches for fortune clients 881984 made them successful
Changes in professional environment
Foe me technology without Business value is of not great use. I manage the IT and also interact with Business and ensure they are success and that makes me a complete technology professional.
The Most Important Game
When I was working with multiple stake holders like Internal teams, Client IT teams, Client Business Teams, Client IT third part teams and other Vendors which are our competitors. It is great challenge to work with all these multiple teams and still make a smile on the face to resolve the issues.
Growth Initiatives
Constant Learning. Reading the latest books, articles and going through the forums online and also having discussions with Friends who are working on other technologies and companies to know the developments in the new areas.
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