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Gautam Gohil

Gautam Gohil

Operations Director at NSN
My role model
At times, many of my bosses have inspired me to do many things I on my own might not have done. Thus, my role models are many. Without naming names, I would like to highlight a few important contributions they made to my career and myself as a leader. 1. Good Planning and Communications is important - each word counts ! 2. Nothing is free in this world ! 3. Delegate, delegate, delegate - and focus on really important things so that you are ready for tomorrow. 4. Bring joy to work, and a smile on your teams faces ! I have seen leaders who were charismatic, leaders who were very hard working and leaders who were inspiring. But in terms of leadership, I can say that I have encountered some of the best leaders in my days at GTL and at Hutch/Vodafone.
Couple of years from now
After a couple of years, I should be able to devote my time fully to my family, and be an entrepreneur!!
My strongest skill
Holding the team together during a challenge, and getting into a deep analysis are my key strengths. During my many years of work, I have faced some crises, and each time around have been able to come out unscathed / first. No doubt a lot of the work was done by the teams on ground, but directing them, utilizing all the available (be they meager) resources in the best possible way, and taking decisions, while these always came to me , I was always fortunate enough to have a team that listened and did exactly what I asked of them.
Ensuring success
At my age, passing on all my experience, and sharing my knowledge are key. That is the chief reason why I want to spend more time with my family and contribute to their growth as well. For long, I have been what many described as a Telecom Bachelor : living in a different place, alone; With only work as companion. However, going forward I intend to change that. I would also like to associate actively with NGOs that deal with education, since many a times attitude is part of the education.
My family background
I come from a lower middle class family. My own family is more of a nuclear family, with a son studying in Chemical Engineering and a daughter still in school.
Qualities needed to become a successful leader
Empathic listening, creating and developing an environment that allows people to voice their feeling / opinions without feeling endangered. A leader does not necessarily lead from the front only, he contributes to development of his team, and is able to influence the ethical/moral character of his team as well.
Important decision
Moving to Private Sector from Government Sector was one of the most important decisions in my life. Likewise, another important decision was to allow my family to live away from me, so that they do not suffocate.
Brief description about me
With 25 years of full time work experience behind me, I look back at a journey that has been rewarding so far. I may may have made a lot of mistakes but I had always attempted to learn from those!. I have worked for Gujarat Communications, GTL and Vodafone/NSN mainly, apart from other companies. I am currently still working with NSN. I am a voracious reader since childhood and Joseph Heller is my favourite! Cooking & Pasta/Pizza are another passion, and you’ll not regret tasting my homemade recipes! I am a serious person who strongly believes in ethics and religion, without being fanatic about it.
Initiative to develop a country
Give their 100%, and avoid corruption at all costs.
Thoughts on Education system of our country
I would say that a large part of the reforms required are already in place or visibility exists. However, education is not fun, and is too competitive. There are people who are unable to pursue what they desire and there are people who end up pursuing vocations that later they may regret. We need to develop a healthy culture where competition is respected and encouraged but is not obstructing anyone's career choice.
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