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With CAPEX accounting for only 20% of the cost of a network, it is important to look beyond initial expenditures and consider TCO and the business value a network can provide. A third-party TCO comparison of a Cisco network versus other vendors illustrates that Cisco can deliver a 13% better TCO even before business benefits, such as network uptime and employee productivity are considered. Further, the Cisco Borderless Network Architecture acts as a platform for service delivery, allowing your IT organization to say “yes” to business and revenue-enhancing opportunities.
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Today mobility, collaboration, and cloud computing present opportunities as well as challenges for IT organizations. You need a network that can deliver new service models while fostering business innovation and mitigating costs. By connecting people, information, and devices securely, reliably, and seamlessly, Cisco Borderless Networks can help you provide BYOD (bring your own device) support to your workforce; improving productivity and collaboration while protecting assets, capture growth opportunities using collaborative applications by attracting and retaining customers and workforce talent with video and finally use cloud economics for flexible services which helps to reduce costs and improve business processes.
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By taking a comprehensive end-to-end approach, a next-generation enterprise network simplifies and speeds the deployment of current and future technologies. This can help you transform your business because it provides opportunities to give employees freedom to work anywhere on any device for increased productivity, control your operational costs through virtualization innovations—from the data center to the desktop and also improve your business agility with cloud computing that does not jeopardize security, compliance, or intellectual property.

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Everyone’s heard the line about the only inevitabilities in life being death and taxes. IT managers, however, would quickly assert a third absolute – higher storage needs. There’s no question data storage requirements continue to skyrocket, and there’s absolutely zero likelihood of that ending any time in our lifetime. Enterprises have successfully controlled their IT budgets and server sprawl issues with the help of virtualization technologies, but what’s next? Increasingly, organizations are turning to storage consolidation for virtualized server environments in order to reduce data center costs and inefficiencies.
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Of late there has been quite a bit of talk of the “new world order” and the emergence of the Diameter Signaling Controller (DSC). Is that really the case? For the veterans of the telecommunications industry that saw the progression of control signaling over the past twenty years, this is more like “history repeating itself”. Some of the challenges facing the signaling industry today were faced in legacy networks over thirty years ago as the industry moved from in-band to “common channel” signaling. This led to the rapid development of the concept of the control signaling network and its related network elements. This paper deals with some of the similarities and differences between network architectures and control signaling protocols of yesterday and today. It will show why it is essential to have a well grounded knowledge of the past to be able to effectively solve the problems of the future!
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As electronic products become faster and more complex, they are harder to design, verify and debug. Designers must perform extensive verification of their designs to ensure reliable product operation. When problems occur, designers need to quickly obtain insight into root cause in order to fix them. The root cause of many digital problems is quicker to pinpoint by analyzing both the analog and digital representations of the signal, making a mixed signal oscilloscope (MSO) ideal for verifying and debugging digital circuits.
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PayWheel is a web based, multi user and user-freindly HR & Payroll Management Software. This product, specially designed for India, takes care of all requirements of Payroll. in addition to the salary computing module. PayWheel also takes care of leave details, approval process for leave, bonus, incentives, reimbursement. etc. It processes salary with IT calculations and loan/advance deductions. It generates pay register and computes all allowances and deductions. It also generates MIS reports. Form 16, Form 24Q etc.
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Sage CRM manages every aspect of your customer interactions, provides powerful insight into the performance of your business and your staff, and drives user productivity. Sage CRM will revolutionise how you manage your business and your employees manage their day.
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The Kelley School of Business at Indiana University is a premier business school ranked in the top 25 nationally according to U.S. News and World Report. The Kelley School of Business at Indiana University wanted to decrease server deployment time for faculty special projects; reduce amount of physical hardware; reduce the power consumption across all infrastructure. The Kelley School of Business at Indiana University deployed VMware Infrastructure which decreases costs, streamlines server deployment, and reduces energy consumption.
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More than 300 database and information security professionals were recently surveyed on their data security practices. The results were disturbing with 60% saying that a data breach is likely, or they're not sure what to expect, over the next 12 months. According to the report, despite well publicized successful attacks on databases and global regulations calling for data privacy protection, most organizations have still not put in place the controls needed to protect sensitive data and critical database infrastructure from abuse by insiders or attackers exploiting legitimate database access through SQL injection, stolen credentials, and other techniques. Download this complimentary copy of the 2011 IOUG Data Security Survey Report and see how your organization measures up.
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