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As the healthcare market continues to witness advancement in technology, care providers are now able to move towards safer healthcare practices. This white paper discusses how practices in medication management have seen transformational progression from fewer rights of medication management to current state where the benchmark is against '10 Rights of Medication Management'. Medication administration is a complex multi step process that encompasses prescribing, transcribing, dispensing, and administering drugs and monitoring patient response. Administration errors account for about 30% of total medication errors and nurses only administer most of the drugs to their patients. Nurses can be distracted during their patient interactions with various other work related inquiries and it may lead to enter the information inaccurately, or they may wait to enter information after returning to the central nurse station or some time at the end of one’s shift.
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We are 10+ years Software solutions and IT services firm supporting private and public sector organizations globally. Our main focus is on defining, designing, developing and supporting high quality and cost effective software that enables customers to accomplish their business requirements and attain competitive market advantage. Basically, we work with software development and services companies to leverage resources and help them translate their product vision and technology leadership into features that bring value to the end customer. We offer development and support services on Microsoft as well as Open Source Platforms. We concentrate primarily on Microsoft SharePoint and Mobile solutions. To know how Starsoft can assist you, download our free whitepaper.
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Cloud computing is a paradigm shift for IT services and is not just a set of new technology and tools but is the change in the way we respond to the business problems today using technology. This paper discusses cloud service delivery models and how to choose your preferred delivery platform.
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In March 2013, COBRAPOST, an online magazine, carried out a sting operation alleging that employees from three private sector banks had violated some of the money laundering rules and guidelines set by the regulatory authorities.The highlighted modus operandi included opening of accounts without the mandatory PAN card, opening of accounts to route the cash into the Bank’s menu of insurance products, facilitating splitting of the money to evade detection, using dummy accounts to faceplate the conversion of black money, modifying the client profile to make the investment unquestionable and helping the clients to transfer black money abroad through the non-resident accounts.
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The information explosion gives hackers, thieves, and malicious insiders a target-rich environment that perimeters cannot defend. To thread the needle between information protection and legitimate access, CISOs must focus on defending the content of files and communications, not just containers or conduits. Effective protection combines content awareness, policy-based protection, and strong authentication to discover and monitor sensitive information, protect it as it moves across networks, to mobile devices, and in the cloud, and deny illegitimate access without compromising the productivity of legitimate users.
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The corporate computing environment is rapidly evolving in response to the consumerization of IT, mobility and cloud computing. These trends introduce new strategic business opportunities - as well as new risks and vulnerabilities. IT organizations must find a way to protect corporate assets while enabling the business to realize the value of these trends. This can be made more complicated than it needs to be when the IT organization is supporting a 'good enough' network.
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Network-enabled devices that include embedded communication modules or that are designed to be used with gateways or routers are flooding the market. Consumer products that are designed to be used with a web or mobile application are becoming the norm. It is estimated that over 100 billion M2M enabled devices are being shipped globally each year. This is the 'Internet of Things' and its creation is firmly underway.
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Somewhere out there your customer is right now realizing an experience with your brand. This realization will turn into an opinion soon enough and if you have done your homework, you will be able to lock in that discerning customer for a few more transactions. In a world where customer choices are increasing by the second, customer loyalty is increasingly turning into a wish. Does customer experience management (CEM) offer a way out? Read on to find out.
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The risks associated with the use of password-only authentication are not new. In 1995, the US Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) reported that approximately 80 percent of the security incidents they received were related to poorly chosen passwords. More than fifteen years later, two-thirds of organizations are still using just a password to secure remote access1.
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